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Jaws (1975) Original Mono audio
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crissrudd4554 said:

NeoMatrix said:

crissrudd4554 said:

JayArgonaut said:

For the benefit of those, such as myself who are unaware of problems with the mono tracks on DVD and Blu-ray, can you elaborate please?

And because it’s a long vid I’ll break it down.

  1. Cassidy burps at the end of the opening scene. The burp is audible on the LD while its only faintly present on the DVD and BD mono tracks. The burp is missing completely on the DVD and BD surround tracks.

  2. This isn’t an issue with the BD or DVDs. Some pre-1995 video releases had different music playing in the background of the beach scene where the boy on the raft is killed. Subsequent releases have the correct music, mono and surround.

  3. When Brody and Hooper cut open the Tiger Shark, the sound effects on the 2012 BD/DVD mono are a fraction of a second out of sync. The LD and 2005 DVD mono have the correct syncing.

  4. When the shark tugs the Orca, the dialogue being shouted by the three leads is much clearer on the LD as well the DVD and BD surround mixes. On the mono track on the DVDs and BD the dialogue is a bit drowned out in spots.

  5. When the engine overheats and explodes, the sound effect of the explosion is in the wrong pitch on the 2012 BD/DVD. The LD and 2005 DVD mono has the correct pitch.

  6. When the rigging for the shark cage collapses Brody lets out a scream when the rigging lands and just misses him. The scream is audible on the LD as well as the DVD and BD surround tracks. The scream is a bit drowned out in the DVD and BD mono tracks. Additionally a shot of the shark wrecking the cage just before the rigging collapses has an odd drop in volume on the 2012 BD/DVD.

  7. When Quint and Brody bring up the wrecked remains of the shark cage, Brody lets out a subtle ‘yeah’. This is heard on all but the LD.

Plus there is a sharp drop in the audio when Brody laughs at the shark’s demise

On which release??

I’ve heard it on the mono tracks for the 25th and 30th Anniversary dvds and the mono track on the bluray

Edit: Just rewatched the clip, its a sharp spike, not a sharp drop, mid laugh, not sure if it is an increase in decibels or what but it’s a very noticeable change midscene (2:00:28 - 2:00:30)