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Help Me Understand Empire Strikes Back?
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29-Jun-2019, 11:23 PM
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You haven’t said how have you seen this movie—on a laptop, smartphone, a small TV screen, tablet?

If that is how you watched it, I don’t blame you for not getting into. Most of the special effects in it deserves to be seen on a larger canvas.

I’m a Gen X’er and the first time I’ve seen this movie was on the big screen at the time that it came out. Being that it was my first Star Wars film, I totally enjoyed the Han and Leia bickering, 3PO’s prissiness, the running gag on the Falcon’s mishaps, and the music score. The more I watched it, the more discoveries I’ve made.

However, I totally understand why you would feel indifferent about a movie where many people you know praised it. I have that same feeling with “Do The Right Thing.” I saw it once, I hated it, and I never saw it again, despite the honors the film got over the years.

On the other hand, I saw “Alien 3” on the big-screen and I didn’t like it because I expected to be at the level of “Aliens.” But, because I liked the Elliot Goldenthal music score, I saw the film again a few years later and, somehow, I enjoyed the film’s “killing its victims, one-by-one” approach, like in the first “Alien” film.

So, I wouldn’t worry about you’re not liking ESB. My advice is to take a long break from this movie and let it disappear from your memory.

If this “your-not-liking-ESB-but-others-do” thing still bothers you, then schedule a time to watch the film, once more. This time, take some friends along, and go to a theatre to see it on a big-screen, preferably from a film print. If that is not option, then find a concert venue where the film is shown while a large orchestra performs the music score on stage. Maybe with all the scenery being enlarged, and with high fidelity sound, the film can finally speak to you.