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70mm print of GOUT on Saturday in Academy Theater in CA!
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29-Jun-2019, 7:04 PM

Interesting that they still felt the need to have George sign off on it. And even more interesting that he finally did as even major events and industry have been ordered to now show original prints or sent SE prints only or dcps of the Blu-ray masters.

Maybe we should all write in but instead of doing our usual release the OOT petition simply say thank you for finally letting it out there.

Thanks for the in-depth report. This explains quite a bit and why there would suddenly be a preserved 70mm blowup print available without fading. I do believe at least one 80’s reissue featured some 70 prints so that would likely be be last time any were shown to the public. If this has been indeed been properly vaulted since 1981 then I’ll bet immaculate doesn’t even begin to describe its quality.

Heck if it was WB then they would just roadshow that one print nationwide and make a fortune. That’s how they originally wanted to do Blade Runner and just make some prints off the 70mm workprint that showed at the Nuart in 1991.