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70mm print of GOUT on Saturday in Academy Theater in CA!
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29-Jun-2019, 1:22 AM

Holy bejeezus. I just stumbled across this news elsewhere and it’s very ironic since I was researching the academy museum opening anyways this very week.

There were a select few 70mm SE prints I thought with the standard dts discs. Pretty sure there were a few at least for Europe. 70mm prints ran right up to Titanic and one Tomorrow Never Dies blowup print with a handful of random ones done before the big IMAX revival and new 15 perf prints being made leading to down eventually making 70mm prints such as he aforementioned superhero titles and things like The Master etc

If I had known sooner I would have just driven to the airport and flown out. There’s no telling what the shape of the print is-or if the show will be very good as there are so few locations for 70mm now. The last time I even heard of a showing of 70mm SW was the collector who showed mastering engineer Steve Hoffman and some friends his own 77 print which had completely red shifted. So it would have to be a later print to be showable and even 80’s blowups can go pink so there’s no telling what they have.
The academy has an archive they loan from for arthouses and museums but it is very tight lipped and you rarely hear about it outside of promo brochures etc listing them. Since the LoC doesn’t even have an original print on file this is big news and to me the first and most hopeful sign that Disney will or can release the OOT.
It doesn’t get more official than this AND almost all announcements, restorations or reissues start with a few arthouse/festival/industry shows like this.
Showing a worn 70 print means:
They have a blowup of rogue one and wanted one to match that
It is the only version they have in their archive
the 4k is not done and thus there is no version they have to show otherwise of the original version other than the best print they could obtain