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Alien 3 - Third Cut (Released)
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27-Jun-2019, 10:59 PM
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16-Apr-2020, 5:54 PM
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Just wanted to chip in about this one.

The movie’s storyline and setting may be divisive, but this particular re-edit of it is terrific! 😃

Alien 3: Third Cut is a satisfying mixture of the ‘Theatrical’ and ‘The Assembly Cut’ with some added spit and polish, making it the best version I’ve come across.

I’ve always preferred the notion of the alien being born from a rottweiler as opposed to an ox, and the ‘dog-burster’ scenes are much more compelling I reckon. But it’s the likes of 15MaF’s re-grading and enhancements along the way which really make this a comprehensive ‘special edition’ for me, with an improved look to the alien shots overall, especially during the iconic moment in the infirmary when it goes right up to Ripley’s face - I included a decent-sized pic of 15MaF’s enhanced shot above, so that it’s possible to see the added drool more clearly as it moves towards Ripley, which now ties in much better when we cut to the drooling alien head prop close-up - the re-grading, enhancements, and re-framing done to this somewhat dodgy effects shot all combine to make it far more effective now. Great stuff!

And extra kudos for the way the various EEV shots have been melded together nicely, with the creepy shot of Newt incorporated too. Some neat subtle enhancements to tie things seamlessly together there.

There are several editors around here who’s ideas and efforts have greatly impressed me over the years, and I’m definitely adding 15MaF to that group now. In addition, it was interesting to read his thoughtful intentions and neat enhancements for some of his other edits too, so I’m including links below to his threads here for anyone else who may care to check those out.

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