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Project Threepio (Star Wars OOT subtitles)
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26-Jun-2019, 7:35 PM

Does Project Threepio go to eleven? Why, yes, yes it does…

Project files have been updated to version 11.0 (codename: “Leggo My Eggo!”), and the first post has been updated. Please PM me for temporary download links until the files are available at some more permanent locations.

Quite a few new languages have been added in this iteration, in addition to translation improvements for several existing languages.

Rough summary of changes from 10.1 to 11.0:

  • Added new languages: Bengali, Serbian (Latin & Cyrillic), Lithuanian, Macedonian, Latvian (all previous thanks to schorman13), and Burmese.
  • Improved translations for Arabic (thanks to RashadShehadeh)
  • Improved translations for Finnish (thanks to LexX)
  • Improved translations for Traditional Mandarin (thanks to kylefan)
  • Improved translations for Swedish (SW and ESB only, thanks to Rondan)
  • Improved translations for several other languages: Indonesian, Malay, Persian/Farsi, Vietnamese, Ukrainian, and Estonian (again, thanks to schorman13)
  • Changed language code for Malay from MSA to ZSM (to better distinguish it from the Malay/MSA macrolanguage that includes both Indonesian/IND and Standard Malay/ZSM)
  • resync_subs script now supports Return of the Pug (Puggo’s 16mm ROTJ preservation)
  • Alien 35mm subtitles (in English) are now available in 2160p (4K) resolution, and are also available downscaled to 1080p and 720p – these are the 35mm theatrical Greedo/Jabba subs for subtitle-free preservations (thanks to the 4K77 and 4K83 projects, Faithwyn and ChainsawAsh)
  • The README now allows you to more intelligently filter down Project Threepio’s somewhat unwieldy list of available subtitles to just those that would be most applicable to a particular region of the world (using Blu-ray and DVD regions as an example). Since disc-based formats and some media players are limited to 32 subtitle tracks, this is often necessary.
  • Added a new dual_subs script, which can be used to merge two subtitle files into a single new file, so that you can watch the trilogy with subtitles in two different languages simultaneously, using normal playback hardware/software. If you use this script with graphical subtitles, the first subtitle is displayed within the frame of the film exactly as before, and the second subtitle is added in the letterboxing below the film’s frame (see example image in first post). However, this does break CIH compatibility, and may extend outside title-safe and even action-safe areas, depending on which settings you choose. This was a user-requested feature from a long time ago, but the difficulty of handling graphical subtitles that didn’t have 100% matching timing kept me from being able to provide it until now.
  • All precompiled Windows executables are now built using Python 3.7 and PyInstaller (instead of Python 3.4 and py2exe).
  • To help anyone looking into the project’s scripting code, I’ve modified all code to better comply with various scripting style guidelines (e.g. PEP8 for Python). This doesn’t necessarily mean the code is actually well-written or even usefully commented, but it’s a start. I’ve also added clearer instructions in the README about exactly where edits should be made to the scripts in order to add new functionality, such as when you need to add support for a new language or preservation.

The new Serbian (Cyrillic) and Macedonian subtitles provide even more reason to use graphical subtitles whenever possible – to italicize text correctly in these languages, you need to use both a font and software that are capable of displaying the text correctly using the OpenType “localized forms” feature, and that software must also be aware of the language of the text it’s presenting. In much the same way RTL subtitles tend to avoid end punctuation, subtitles in these languages usually avoid italics. Project Threepio does not avoid italics in these languages, but as with RTL subtitles, provides “-compat” files without the formatting that may look bad in some players. But if you use the graphical subtitles, you don’t need to worry about any of this, and they are certain to display exactly as they are supposed to appear.

I’m very excited about the new Bengali and Burmese support. South Asia represents one of Project Threepio’s largest remaining areas for future growth, and I hope to be able to build on what we have. Since there are Hindi and Tamil dubs, I think it’s reasonable to assume Hindi, Tamil, and Urdu subtitles should all be within reach.