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Parent topic animated logo - NOW AVAILABLE for use in fan edits and other projects
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26-Jun-2019, 5:02 AM

I’ve rendered three variants of the logo and uploaded them to a folder on Mega.

You can download them here.

  • “Extended” is the full-quality version of the logo posted on YouTube.
  • “Standard” is the 15-second version: effectively the last part of the full version, but transitioning in from a plain star field rather than the Death Star.
  • “Variant” is identical to “Standard” except that it transitions in from black rather than stars, and I’ve omitted the low bass rumble from the soundtrack.
  • Use “Alpha” as a matte to key “Variant” in over a preceding shot — I have it transition from the FE•org logo this way.

I’ve also included a still PNG.