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4K83 Released
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24-Jun-2019, 6:53 PM
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oohteedee said:

This is true, and just as irrelevant to the discussion as ever.

If you truly believe that 2 frames of foreign dialogue is more out of sync than 5 frames of English (original) dialog then this whole conversation is pointless. Logic has lost.

CatBus said:

There’s a thing called tolerances. You can be off to a degree, but within tolerances, it’s okay. For dialogue, the tolerances are pretty tight–around one frame. For a tracked score, tolerances are well beyond five frames. The GOUT audio was surprisingly off, yes, but it was within the tolerances of the viewers. The 4K83 sync problem, while only two frames, is outside tolerances for a lot of people, because it covers dialogue.

Note the emphasized sentence. 4K83 is off by a smaller amount, but in a spot where you’d be more likely to notice it (a “spot” that covers a majority of the film). GOUT was off by more, but in a spot where you wouldn’t notice it at all (not sure how many milliseconds it was off by five frames, so can’t compare overall lengths). Not to mention how ADR might be messing with things at the home video level (SFX and score can be off, while at the same time dialogue is perfectly synced – this, and the reverse of this, are extremely common in dubs).

If you continue responding to posts without actually reading them, then this whole conversation is pointless. Civility has lost.