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4K83 Released
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24-Jun-2019, 6:36 PM
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24-Jun-2019, 6:43 PM
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Williarob said:

CatBus said:
Harmy’s plans have never been for anything above 1080p, so using existing Blu-ray footage seems plausible.

I didn’t talk to Harmy about Jedi, I was just extrapolating

When you assume…

Seriously. Ask the guy. Get an answer. It saved a lot of time for me, and then we can both be operating with the facts.

clinging to a crappy DVD from 2006 as the defacto standard

To be fair, it’s a crappy Laserdisc from 1993. People have been “GOUT syncing” since long before there was a GOUT to sync to.

Why not conform the remaining audio tracks

Because even if you had a catalogue of all of them (which does not exist), they won’t work with Despecialized. People may stop watching Despecialized once 4K83 catches up, though, so it’s a thing to reconsider periodically.

If we’re really lucky, it won’t even need despecializing. But if that happens and the official release is 4K83 sync’d rather than GOUT sync’d, will you be cutting those frames out of that version too?

I plan to sync to the version that best resembles a modern, respectful Blu-ray treatment of the original trilogy. If an official release qualifies, I’d sync to that (…and drink to that). Until then, I have to decide between two competing factions and right now I’m coming down on the side of DeEd. Again, maybe that’s just until Harmy changes his mind, and maybe that’s just until 4K83 does better. Either way works to resolve the schism.