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4K83 Released
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24-Jun-2019, 6:26 PM

CatBus said:
Harmy’s plans have never been for anything above 1080p, so using existing Blu-ray footage seems plausible.

I didn’t talk to Harmy about Jedi, I was just extrapolating based on his recent video about Star Wars Despecialized 3.0:

In which he explains how and why 4K77 footage will be cut into and conformed to NeverarGreat’s color correction of Despecialized to create the new version.

It just made sense to me that if he uses 4K77 for Star Wars, he would use 4K83 for Jedi because as of right now there is still no higher quality source for the original shots.

Many of the Despecialized tracks have already been conformed for 4K83, so in my humble opinion, clinging to a crappy DVD from 2006 as the defacto standard when all the other versions of that film already have those “extra” frames seems like a waste. Why not conform the remaining audio tracks and then throw that GOUT disc away after the new version is released? But I guess that’s just me.

I do know that 1080p is as high as he wants to go, and I don’t mind that at all - I don’t think the 35mm sources resolve much more detail than 1080p anyway. But I also think that if an official 4K Bluray of Return of the Jedi comes out next year, Special Edition or not, that would be my first choice for the basis of a new Despecialized - unless they really cock it up. Downscaled to 1080p, it should still look better than the current bluray and will hopefully be easier to color correct.

If we’re really lucky, it won’t even need despecializing. But if that happens and the official release is 4K83 sync’d rather than GOUT sync’d, will you be cutting those frames out of that version too?