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4K83 Released
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24-Jun-2019, 6:23 PM
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oohteedee said:

Dubbed audio does not match the lips. They are speaking another language.

The ADR team does a surprisingly good job, and the dubbed dialogue is frequently chosen to use words that match lip movements. It’s variable, though. German in particular is pretty good, Thai is all over the place.

Don’t let me get in the way of you dismissing the actual complaints of your actual listeners however you see fit, though.

The GOUT audio is not actually synced to the GOUT video. It is off by as much as 5 frames. This was discovered by hairy_hen while working on the 4k83 audio.

This is true, and just as irrelevant to the discussion as ever.

People don’t complain of it because they aren’t aware of where it’s off. They assume it’s right so their brain tells them it’s right.

There’s a thing called tolerances. You can be off to a degree, but within tolerances, it’s okay. For dialogue, the tolerances are pretty tight–around one frame. For a tracked score, tolerances are well beyond five frames. The GOUT audio was surprisingly off, yes, but it was within the tolerances of the viewers. The 4K83 sync problem, while only two frames, is outside tolerances for a lot of people, because it covers dialogue.

People may complain of alternate audio being used with 4k83 because they know exactly where the sync issue is so they listen and force themselves to hear it. It’s a placebo effect.

If you take something perfect and tell people something is wrong they will find something wrong even though there isn’t.

I’ll just let that stand as its own counter-argument.

Even one version of despecialized had audio out of sync and no one noticed because we all assumed it was correct.

Yes, DeEd at one point (ROTJ 1.0 IIRC) used PAL video and NTSC audio, for a two-frame difference. The same people complained and it got fixed. Harmy couldn’t see the problem himself, but he could see the technical fault and never implied those who complained were just making things up. It’s part of his charm.