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4K83 Released
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24-Jun-2019, 6:02 PM
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24-Jun-2019, 6:22 PM
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Dubbed audio does not match the lips. They are speaking another language.

The GOUT audio is not actually synced to the GOUT video. It is off by as much as 5 frames. This was discovered by hairy_hen while working on the 4k83 audio. It slowly drifts out of sync in the second half.

People don’t complain of it because they aren’t aware of where it’s off. They are told it’s right so they don’t notice it.
People may complain of alternate audio with 4k83 because they know exactly where the sync issue is so they listen and force themselves to hear it. It’s a placebo effect.

If you take something perfect and tell people something is wrong they will find something wrong even though there isn’t.

Even one version of despecialized had audio out of sync and no one noticed because we all assumed it was correct.