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4K83 Released
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24-Jun-2019, 5:42 PM

Williarob said:

CatBus said:

ChainsawAsh said:

Better, I think, to start transitioning everything over to the new frame-complete standard now.

That makes sense if other video preservation projects join in. But that’s been asked and answered. Other video preservation projects are not joining in. So here we are, so providing compatibility releases of 4K83 seems to be a stopgap… and possibly an indefinite one.

The only other project I recall you mentioning is Despecialized. Are there any other potentially ongoing Return of the Jedi projects that aren’t based on 4K83?

Just ones based on Despecialized: Krieg Der Sterne and such. In that sense, I’m calling “Despecialized” a single preservation in the same sense that I’m calling “4K83” a single preservation. It’s a single root source with multiple takes from it. So the Star Wars video world has basically two video preservations, using two different standards.

There are other preservations that I think are safely considered unique, such as Puggo, etc. They are fully self-contained, and make no effort to please a broad audience.

I mean, I can understand why nobody feels the need to go back and try to add two frames to projects that were released years ago, but has anybody actually gone and checked the sources for all of these alternate audio tracks? Aren’t some of them from VHS tapes and laserdiscs? The original film always contained these “extra” frames and no doubt many of the PAL and NTSC sources used to create those alternate tracks actually still had them. We already know that they don’t all sync perfectly to the GOUT.

No, but being audio, we listen to them 😉 I was just as surprised as everyone else that a two-frame difference would be detectable on a dub, but there it is, the complaints are right in this thread. Regardless of the sync problems each of these tracks from myriad sources may have had with the GOUT, the sync issues were not nearly as detectable with GOUT-synced video as it is with 4K83. That’s borne out by the actual complaints.

I also think it is fair to assume that any future Return of the Jedi projects would either be based on 4K83 or on a new official 4K Bluray Release from Lucasfilm, or most likely some combination of both.

That depends on timing. Harmy’s plans have never been for anything above 1080p, so using existing Blu-ray footage seems plausible.

If Harmy ever feels the need to revisit ROTJ Despecialized, these two sources will likely be his starting point, not the current Bluray, nor any previous version of Despecialized (unless it’s used purely as a color reference). Which means, going forward, the complete film as presented in 4K83 will become the new standard for Return of the Jedi.

Did you… ask him this? I did. At least as of then, this is absolutely not the plan. When trying to implement a new cross-project video standard, I’ve found talking to the other projects is a helpful tactic.

And Frankly, when 4K83 already looks like this:

Why is anyone still watching GOUT or patched Bluray versions of this film anyway?

Everyone has different tastes, but those who like more fine detail and the IP/negative scan appearance of your typical modern Blu-ray release may prefer DeEd to 4K83. Color is much more subjective, but until DrDre gets a crack at it, I’d say DeEd maintains an edge there too. In my case, I prefer DeEd on all three counts.

Also, until yesterday, people who liked the audio for their dubs to match the lip movements of the speakers preferred DeEd, so you’re welcome – that one’s now off the list.