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The "How Did You Learn To Read?" Thread
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24-Jun-2019, 2:22 PM

Learning to Read was Hell for me.
I think it may have been due to me having dyslexia, as well as another learning disability, and also Bad Teachers.

My first grade reading teacher was a witch!

And no I’m not censoring myself, every year I was at that particular School she dressed as a witch for the School Halloween party.
never had the nerve but I always wanted to ask her where her costume was.

over the years I tried to practice and I got a little bit better.

when I finally got into college I took a class to improve my reading skills.

The teacher was a complete a******.
I didn’t sensor that my speech recognition did.

I can read okay now but I don’t enjoy it. Right now I’m using text-to-speech software to read comments and proofread my own posts.