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4K83 Released
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23-Jun-2019, 10:18 PM
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23-Jun-2019, 10:18 PM
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CatBus said:

Discostu said:

CatBus said:

FWIW, I plan to release a GOUT-synced 4K83 to address all the sync issues with not only dubs, but any other GOUT-synced audio tracks (Laserdisc rips, in-theatre recordings, etc) that people may have collected over the last 26 years since the Definitive Collection Laserdiscs came out and became the primary thing to sync to.


Okay, this is done. Sorry it was delayed a little extra due to the impending release of one of my other projects. In a nutshell, this is what it is:

GOUT-synced 4K83 with the 1.1 color correction, at 1080p (MKV format), using an encoding and filesize that could easily be used to create a BD25. Includes one of each major English track variant (83 6-channel, stereo, mono, and 93 stereo) in DTS-MA, defaulting to 6-channel 83 (which is just hairy_hen’s new track for 4K83, GOUT-synced). Also includes all of the dubs in my personal dub collection (Dolby Digital), which is big but not exhaustive. Also includes 32 subtitle tracks (only 32 to avoid player compatibility issues) chosen to be most useful for most American, Western European, and Japanese audiences. The subtitle tracks are from the upcoming Project Threepio 11.0, which will be available soon, and you can download that or the current version if you need additional subtitle options.

The purpose of this release is to have a version that “just works” for any mix-and-match purposes without having to think a lot about it, the main beneficiaries likely to be people who watch with their favorite dubs, but it could work with any of the random tracks collectors have been accumulating since the Definitive Collection Laserdiscs were released in 1993 and created this long-lasting fan frame standard we now call GOUT.

PM me for a link if you’d like it. I’m checking with admins right now about putting it on MySpleen (I’m also a complete torrent novice, so there may be technical delays)

I’ll take a different approach on how to respond to someone politely:

Thanks, Catbus.