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4K83 Released
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23-Jun-2019, 6:52 PM
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23-Jun-2019, 6:55 PM
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I understand that people refuse to let go of the past and reject progress which is why you feel compelled to do this.

I am not one of those. The GOUT is flawed in many ways and should be retired. I reject the GOUT as the standard and only accept the complete film as originally created as the standard.

4K83 preserves the complete film as it would have been seen (in a perfect scenario) in theaters. Why would we settle for anything less than the complete original film.

The 5.1 track should not be the default track. That track is only recommended for playing back on a 5.1 system, as per hairy_hen. It does not fold down properly to a 2.0 system. Listening to it on a 2.0 system it sounds off. The 2.0 track should be the default because of that.

While the GOUT is missing two frames and I’ll assume trimming those is all you did to GOUT sync it, the actual GOUT audio is not even synced properly to the GOUT video. So by trimming those two frames you are providing a version where the audio is out of sync as the GOUT always has been.

The effort you put in to creating this version would have been better spent syncing the audio tracks you have to 4K83 which is the complete film as originally created.

If Disney releases the film in it’s complete and original form sometime soon will you trim that too to fit a flawed and incomplete standard? I sure hope not.

this is just my opinion on the matter of course