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23-Jun-2019, 11:54 AM

Am I alone on this? I think the Vader hallway scene should be cut. It is bad ass, I see why many want it. As this scene actually takes place chronologically during the beginning of episode IV, I think it should not be in R1. I have seen some creative edits of IV that incorporate the R1 scene into episode IV. I prefer that.

That said, I think the opposite could be done too. Incorporate that initial episode IV scene into the end of R1. This could be done well, then IV could open with them saying several pods ejected but there were no life signs. Vader saying they must have hid the plans in the the pod send someone to collect the plans.

In this era of new star wars films they seem to be using a marvel style end scene to drum up excitement for the next movie. I personally don’t like it for star wars movies. My personal preference would be to add the R1 end scene to IV and Luke at the end of VII to VIII and if the broom kid makes a difference add that to IX.