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The Prequel Radical Redux Ideas Thread
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21-Jun-2019, 9:40 PM
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Here’s the first bit of Obi-Wan on Kamino with that same mentality:

Obi-Wan has a problem in this movie where he tells strangers his entire plan? Instead of being a detective, and seeing where his suspects go with things, he gives them more information? Why would he tell the Kaminoans that Sifo-Dyas was killed? In this clip, it’s clear that something’s wrong with what they tell Obi-Wan, so the audience can stay invested. ‘Why is Obi-Wan confused?’. Later, when he talks to Mace over skype, is when the audience can learn.

I also cut off the beginning of the scene because it wasn’t needed. We don’t need Obi-Wan to tell the prime minister his name, the audience already knows who he is!

I also removed the unrealistic waterfalls. They’re a distraction.

JEDIT: Another clip: