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RISE OF THE DARK SIDE (Revenge of the Sith edit) + ANH ideas
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16-Jun-2019, 6:32 AM
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16-Jun-2019, 6:32 AM
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Here it is.
Again, I really need suggestions on how to improve it.
password: fanedit

Yoda uses Force Projection to fight Palpatine. The reason is that while Yoda is on the asteroid meditating, he’s witnessing everything that’s happening, and he hears Palpatine in his office saying: “Tell the captain to ready my shuttle. I sense Lord Vader is in danger”.
Yoda knows that Kenobi is going to fight Anakin, and if Palpy goes to help Anakin, Obi Wan is doomed. So he uses the projection to stall the Emperor, just like Luke in EpVIII

*Color Correction (not finished).
Volume still needs work.
Less cringe from Anakin.
Shortened duel. I removed the way-too-fast parts, at least wherever I could.
I tried to remove the parts where Yoda and Palpy’s lightsabers keep their contacts.
Final music, which I think is kind of ok, but tell me what you think.
Yoda’s voicover from previous movies or previous moments from this movie.*