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Fang Zei
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Star Wars trilogy box sets coming next year?
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14-Jun-2019, 1:33 AM

I hope the OOT - if Disney does in fact decide to pay for a restoration - actually gets released on UHD and isn’t forever stuck on 1080p sdr blu-ray. Taxi Driver was just announced by Sony earlier today for release on the new format, and that movie was made only a year before Star Wars.

Since an OOT restoration would be done at 4k, I suspect that if it happens at all it will be released on UHD with HDR. This rumor from the “unnamed UK source” about how LFL is looking to make the Skywalker saga four discs per movie for the UHD and three discs per movie for the blu-ray has me very, very curious, because that difference in disc count between the two formats could be for any number of reasons.

We’ll just have to wait and see.