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13-Jun-2019, 8:15 AM

IsanRido said:

ThatGuyWhoEdits said:

IsanRido said:

I’m interested in the Superman II cut. What exactly do you mean by complete? Will it have every bit of footage shot by Donner, including the deleted scenes and additional material found in the TV cuts? Will it be reverting to Lester scenes only when no Donner equivalent is present, or is it a combination of Donner and Lester footage?

By “Complete” it’ll be following the shooting script when Donner was directing at the time,so yes it’ll be having every bit of footage that Donner directed while also using some completed scenes from the lester cut (as long it’s in the script but if not i’ll have to make exceptions) all deleted scenes,along with some tv footage (poor quality but meh i used worse footage for my director’s cut of BF so consider my “complete” cut the bootleg edition like “Bruce Campbell Vs Army of darkness” 😛) & recreating some moments that were moved to the other superman sequels such as the lovestruck superman straightening the eiffel tower back into the film.

Oh I see, that’s a good idea. There’s a deleted Lester scene that was in the shooting script, where Super makes a souffle with his heat vision. That appeared in the TV cut, and was presented in OAR in the Superman II blu-ray.

Thanks bud & yeah i already have that scene in my possession & it’s great that it’s in such great quality.