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A New Hope: Vader edition
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10-Jun-2019, 7:18 PM

benduwan said:

do you insert some deleted vader scenes from the ot?

No, I looked at that and they were either not finished enough with the audio or they were very unnecessary and would have slowed the movie down.

I took the Vader part at the end of Rogue One and made it part of the opening (In a new way) of ANH. It really doesn’t fit any other way in my eyes. Leaving it in R1 makes everyone (including Leia) look childish or not very bright in ANH. But that is a topic I will post on once I get to my R1 Edit. That is next after I finish my TFA Edit.

I also added a lot of SC38 Re-Imagined into this and that shows off more Vader as well. I didn’t just drop it in, I only used parts that looked good in the movie and cut bad CGI moments. I also made sure to use the original shots of the other cast members aside from Vader and Ben when there was a cut away moment.