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Info: Comparing the Despecialized vs 4K77 : Dawn of Justice - which is best?
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10-Jun-2019, 1:54 PM

Omni said:

DNR has 2 versions, that are identical in everything but the crawl:

  • the MKV has the upscaled 1080p SSE crawl.
  • the ISO has the 4K crawl.

But they’re essentially the same, same DNR settings, same color grade, same dirt and scratches, etc. They both utilize Williarob’s color grade. I’ll repeat what ChainsawAsh said: there are NO versions of 4K77 DNR with Sanjuro’s grade.

NoDNR has 2 versions as well, though they have more differences:

  • versions 1.0 (1080p & 4K) of the MKVs, the one released on May of last year. That has the original color grade which wasn’t really color corrected (mainly white balanced IIRC), and the 1080p SSE crawl.
  • versions 1.4 (1080p & 4K) of the MKVs, which have Sanjuro’s color grade and the 4K crawl.

I might’ve missed one thing or another but this is basically it.

Which of the 4K77 are your faves?