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VHS covers.
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10-Jun-2019, 5:12 AM
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10-Jun-2019, 5:55 AM
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I am a brand new user, but a long time aficionado and VHS collector.
Currently I own almost all VHS releases that were available in my country and the ISD box from UK (#261).

I have always been thinking of making custom VHS editions of post-III films, there was even VHS of VII in Delta airlines, but I cannot get any solid information from them about who made those ever since 2016…

I have purchased JVC’s studio VHS mastering deck and multi-tape duplicator both S-VHS capable. And I thought why not finally do them.

1st step is source mastering to file that is compatible with VHS standard, then transfer to the mastertape, or straight to duplicator from digital file, the latter eliminating deteriorating master tape, or use a digital tape, but I only have DVCAM digital deck and DV is unsuitable as master.

But the final step are the covers and labels.

So my question is, will there be any kind person that could help me with a project of VHS cover both as slip cover and clamshell cover in the style of post-2000 covers (black background, gold titles, fake catalogue numbers, and EAN numbes from kinky products, descriptions, credits, etc)?

Something similar to this: