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4K83 - Released
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10-Jun-2019, 1:07 AM

Just keep in mind that when the 4K83 optical audio was being synced to the print it was discovered that the actual GOUT audio isn’t properly synced to the GOUT video. Just as they screwed up and missed two film frames they also screwed up syncing the audio.

So really if you’re going to GOUT sync 4K83 you should properly GOUT sync all the GOUT audio tracks too since they are not even synced properly to the GOUT video.

The print audio can be accurately synced to the print since any audio dropouts you hear can actually be seen as to why they dropout in the optical audio track on the left side of the print. The audio dropouts are at splices in the optical audio track on the print.

The GOUT audio was always assumed to be correct but it’s not.