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4K83 Released
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9-Jun-2019, 11:18 PM

FWIW, I plan to release a GOUT-synced 4K83 to address all the sync issues with not only dubs, but any other GOUT-synced audio tracks (Laserdisc rips, in-theatre recordings, etc) that people may have collected over the last 26 years since the Definitive Collection Laserdiscs came out and became the primary thing to sync to.

I understand it’s probably a niche use-case, since the 4K83 English tracks are synced just fine and the sync issue is so small/barely noticeable in other tracks, but it’s one easy solution for a lot of little problems that could drag on for years. Don’t know if that old track you got from alt.binaries.starwars in 2003 will sync? Get this version and you don’t have to worry about it. Or at least that’s the theory 😉

Since I really didn’t like the initial color grade, I’ll base this on Sanjuro’s v1.1 grade, and I’ll try to also make it fit on a BD25 (it’ll be 1080p), just to check another box on the compatibility concerns list. No plans for 4K. Encoding at 1080p is choking my computer quite well enough thank you very much.