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Info: Comparing the Despecialized vs 4K77 : Dawn of Justice - which is best?
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9-Jun-2019, 10:38 PM
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towne32 said:

DB2 said:

towne32 said:

SnooPac said:

DB2 said:

Thanks. I’m going to take a look at the 4K77 DNR 1080p version. It sounds like there are different versions with different color timings (Rob, Sanjuro, etc.)?

One see out there is “STAR-WARS-4K77-180p-DNR-001209.$K77.1080p.DNR.35mm.x264-v1.0.nfo-yEnc”

I believe that’s Rob’s release which uses Sanjuro’s colours.
Rob also made a version 1.1 of the same thing (I don’t remember what was wrong with 1.0).

Then there’s a different version labeled 1.2. It’s done by someone else other than Rob (SkyDude) that is also using Sanjuro’s colours, but with some difference in the DNR process.

Not sure if either 1.1 or 1.2 are available on newsgroups…

Don’t quote me on any of that, I could be wrong. But that’s how I understand it.

(I’ve quoted you on that. You may be thinking of 4K83 where Rob was able to use Sanjuro’s grade on the DNR version)

IIRC, Sanjuro’s colors are great, but due to the work flow, not easily applied to the DNR version. Rob’s DNR version has his own color grading. It is maybe not as consistent as Sanjuro’s (which is very professional looking), but it’s a much more neutral grading than the very first release no-DNR. The first release had very heavy tints that people sometimes are after for these technicolor type gradings (like Harmy’s 2.5). That first grade is not my cup of tea, but both Sanjuro’s grade and Rob’s DNR grade are excellent.

So is the 1.0 I noted above Rob’s which uses Sanjuro’s colors?

For 4K77? I guess I wasn’t as clear as I intended to be. What I’m trying to say is that there is no DNR version of Rob’s that uses Sanjuro’s colors (if I’m not mistaken). There was:

The original no-DNR 4K release. It’s graded very minimally and a bit of a ‘refined’ taste in terms of color.

Rob’s DNR version. He also removed the reel change markers. He graded it himself. It generally looks great, even if it’s not necessarily perfect. It’s 1000x better than the previous color in my very biased opinion. I think there’s only one version of this, though the ISO fixes some subtitle sync.

Sanjuro then had a number of color grading versions of the no-DNR version (1.1-1.4). It will take a lot of manual effort, as I understand it, to apply them to a DNR version. I don’t believe that has been done.

Cool. I’ll get to take a look at the 1.0 DNR version probably tomorrow…or late tonight. I want to try and watch Empire despecialized tonight if I can.

It was very cool to see the despecialized Star Wars the other night. Felt so authentic for a change. The audio was impressive on it too.

Man, I suffered with the 2004 DVDs and 2011 BDs for waaayy too long. I could never watch all of the GOUT DVD as the PQ bothered me too much. But the small number of clips used for the despecialized was fine.

But all of this is really great stuff.