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Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends UK Series 1-2 Original Broadcast Version Reconstruction
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9-Jun-2019, 11:21 AM

UncutIsSuperior said:

alloneword said:

I’ve just started my own preservation of this seeing as I’m having more success now. Unlike UncutIsSuperior’s, I’m going to be using already existing sources rather than creating my own and overlaying DVD footage over VHS where possible and only using VHS footage when there is no alternative. So the “episode” footage will be taken from the 2004 DVD’s, the opening titles (except for the episode titles shots) will be taken from the “Truckloads of Fun” AUS DVD, and VHS for the episodes title shots, nameboards, Screen Legends/Pickwick video logos, scrolling credits and any transition effects. I’ve even gone as far as to overlay the Screen Legends promo which I’m quite impressed with so far.

I’ve started with Series 2 mainly for 2 reasons. One, all the nameboard sequences are the same order throughtout unlike Series 1 so less work there, and two, It’s my favourite season. So far, I’ve just about finished “Thomas, Percy and the Coal AoS” and will do the other two Series 2 VHS’s, then I’ll move on to Series 1, then I will redo Series 3. Series 3 for the first 16 episodes because as already stated, they all have an early prototype narration my Michael Angelis and the early VHS’s have Series 2-style freeze-frame end credits. The opening titles, like Series 1 and 2 will be lifted from “ToF” AUS DVD.

The only drawback is that the transitions between VHS and DVD will me noticeable and Sony Movie Studio Platinum 12 doesn’t have a colour-match plugin but with the results I have, it’s a huge step up from my own VHSrips.

That would be nice, but do you even know how to do the yellow vertical line split transition in between episodes? If so, could you please teach it to me?

I don’t sadly. Like I say, I’m not “creating” or “recreating” any elements myself. I’m using VHS footage for the yellow line transition effects. One thing I have noticed is while I’ve been overlaying the DVD footage over the VHS footage of the episodes themselves (frame-accurate), the 2004 DVDs are missing the footage where the yellow line wipes would be anyway so for your project, even if you to figue out how to to the yellow line, you may run into some issues there as you won’t have the correct episode frames to apply it to. That’s what I’ve noticed for Series 2. May not be an issue for Series 1.