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Despecialized V 4K77: Dawn of Justice
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7-Jun-2019, 7:19 AM

I agree that 4k83 is probably the preferred way to go for that film, especially the later release options. It was such a clean print, you get a really consistent viewing experience. The Rancor scene scan used in Harmy’s version is pretty limited in terms of how far it can be color corrected. It has really never looked better than in some of the latest 4k83 versions. These film restorations look as good as many official Blu-ray releases. And the cleanups look better than official ones on the tier of companies like 88 Films, etc.

For the 1977 film, it’s still hard to give a definitive recommendation. Despecialized has some rough moments, and a couple remaining shots with GOUT elements. 4k77 is a very consistent watch as far as picture quality goes, and the original effects never looked better. The color on the original non-DNR release was was not ideal, IMO, but Rob’s DNR color is much better. And Sanjuro’s grade is excellent.

But the print has a lot of minor damage. Their cleanup is insanely impressive. But once you get to the second half of the film, there is often noticeable damage on every frame, and some very unfortunate light leaks. It’s still a lovely watch (and probably my preferred), but unlike 4k83, you won’t be tricking your eyes into thinking this is an official version from an alternate timeline. 😃 Looking forward to seeing how the Skymaster/Skywalker releases are improved. I’d say Star Wars has great options, but no definitive one yet.