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Any favorite scenes?
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6-Jun-2019, 10:44 PM
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The Phantom Menace - I honestly love everything about this film apart from the potty humour, so picking a moment is incredibly difficult for me. I would say off the top of my head though the whole sequence of when Anakin is preparing and leaving home. There’s so many layers to it from happiness, cynicism, hope, sadness, innocence, fear, child like wonder, and more. I especially love when Shimi tells Anakin “You can’t stop the change any more than you can stop the suns from setting.” Equally Qui-Gon’s gentle touch of Shimi’s shoulder is a subtle way to point out how flawed the Jedi became in the decades that followed. ‘Anakin is Free’ is equally an incredible piece of music.

Attack of the Clones - Easily Anakin’s search for his mother and the aftermath. The Slave I versus Jedi Starfighter is pretty cool too.

Revenge of the Sith - The opera house scene. I truly enjoy how it adds even more layers and depth to things like Anakin’s origins and tells a tale that may or may not ultimately have merit to The Rise of Skywalker. I am very much looking forward to hopefully knowing who Palpatine was speaking of when he told Anakin a bit later in the film “To cheat death is the power only one has achieved but if we work together I know we can discover the secret.”

A New Hope - Binary Sunset. It has so many layers and meaning. Are the twin suns to symbolize father and son? The Light Side and Dark Side? Our hope and longing? There’s so many ways to look at this scene.

The Empire Strikes Back - This is the hardest one. Either everything with Yoda or Cloud City. I do like when Luke falls down the pit and reaches out to Leia. The music and sorrow is so beautiful. So that.

Return of the Jedi - Could I just say any and all scenes with Luke and Vader? From the moment they confront to the very end. It’s some of the best in the whole saga.

The Force Awakens - When Rey pulls the lightsaber out of the snow. It still gives me all of the feels and something I’ve always wanted but didn’t know just how much I needed. A girl kicking butt with one in live action. Equally when she finds the Force is very moving. I love any and all scenes with Rey.

The Last Jedi - It’s pretty tough. I suppose I could say the Throne Room. It hurt like hell the first viewing as I wanted Snoke to be Plagueis and her to be a Skywalker or Solowalker so much but now I see a very layered scene that I think holds truth to The Rise of Skywalker. It’s going to be very much about learning from the sins of the past and how it doesn’t define us but is important to how we act now. This is very much reflected in the lightsaber and Kylo’s mask being repaired. Runner up is the hand touching in the hut.

Rogue One - The introduction of Chirrut and his character. So spiritual. I love all the Jedha scenes.

Solo - I really don’t know as I’ve only seen it once all the way through. I need to watch it again. Off the top of my head I suppose I’d say Qi’Ra and Han’s reunion as there’s lots of depth between the two of them in that moment.