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New 4K releases - but are they any good?
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6-Jun-2019, 1:51 PM
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6-Jun-2019, 1:53 PM
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LexX said:

It seems that they have ruined the new Bat-releases with new sound effects and teal colors. Damn, that seems to be the biggest blow so far for new 4K releases as those got worse release than the BDs.

From what I’ve read:

Batman 89 - Incredible transfer for the video. Audio is massively revisionist. Most of the sound effects replaced.

Returns - Great transfer. Some scenes have bluer grading, but it’s not a blanket change. Most people will be happy with it, but obviously this website will not. A couple of effects changes made to the Atmos audio.

Forever (if anyone even cares) - fine transfer, mild HDR improvement . And Robin (if anyone even cares) - fine transfer with fantastic, reference quality HDR .

I’ll probably pick it after a price drop, and maybe seek out a fan edit of 89 with the proper audio. I’ll likely be just fine with it aside from that blunder.