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Despecialized V 4K77: Dawn of Justice
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6-Jun-2019, 3:27 AM

If you get 4K77 you’ll be getting higher picture quality despite possibly slightly less detail in certain shots due to the DE being sourced from the Blu-Ray, which itself was sourced from the negative, while 4K77 is just a scan of a regular Technicolor print. You’ll also be dealing with dirt & scratches and, if deciding to get the “no-DNR” version, a ton of noise and grain as well. If you wait a few more weeks the “Skymaster Edition” of 4K77 will be released with a lot of DNR and a lot of extra cleanup, resulting in the most modern, most ‘official release’ looking 4K77 yet - while still being clearly a scanned print, retaining the fine grain and the filmic look. I think it’s going to be the ultimate version of the film for quite a good while, until maybe DE v3.0 tops it or even the “Skywalker Edition”, but both are likely to take a few years to complete.

Anyway, watching the no-DNR version feels like you’re watching a projected print, but it’s still clean and nice-looking enough for one to enjoy it as a Blu-Ray on the comfort of their couch. The DNR version currently available brings the film much closer to looking and feeling like a Blu-Ray while still retaining the film print feel, and does a marvelous job at that, but in this regard still no match for the DEs. They are much cleaner and obviously less noisy than the no-DNRs though, and is the best 4K77 looks that’s been officially released to date IMO.

You’re probably more familiar with the DEs, which are, IMHO, getting a bit outclassed by the 4KXXs here. Star Wars’ v2.7 is IMHO no match for any of the 4K77 versions. What Harmy was able to accomplish with the material he had available at the time is absolutely astonishing though, and the picture clarity of the DEs is much superior to that of the 4K77s. It’s as of right now the fan preservation that looks the most like what an official release would theoretically look like. Still, like mentioned above, the ‘Skymaster Edition’ of 4K77 is probably going to take the cake on basically everything I’ve mentioned here and stand above the others for a good while.

TLDR: 4K77 is more immersive due to its filmic nature and feel, but still much noisier and dirtier than the DE. It looks much better though. So if dirt, etc. doesn’t bother you, like it doesn’t bother me, then great, 4K77 is definitely what you’re looking for! But the DEs look more like a Blu-Ray and are much, much cleaner - so if that’s what you’re going for, great! I say you should get 4K77 though, so you should probably compare the two.

Since you talked about burning too, I should point out that I don’t think 4K77 fits in a single layer BR though. You might be looking at BD50 if you want 4K77. 😄