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Star Wars Episode I: Cloak Of Deception (Finished!)
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5-Jun-2019, 10:43 PM

Just got finished watching V6. Congrats on the best version of COD yet! Even though my edits have taken the opposite tact, I really appreciate how your edits slow down and let the movies breathe somewhat, and I think it helps them feel less like fanedits. The new 3PO lines work beautifully and I think your version of the “fixing up the podracer” scene fits in much better than the “before the race” scene in previous versions of the edit.

Although I think the majority of V6 changes are improvements, there’s one change that doesn’t sit right with me, and that’s JarJar slurping apples at the dinner table. I’m okay with the fact that your edit isn’t as aggressive on JarJar as some others, and I feel like you’ve mostly done a great job toning him down when his antics detract from the pacing or dramatic impact. However, this scene stood out as particularly problematic to me because they’re literally having conversation about slavery(!) when JarJar starts poaching apples. For me, it was a distraction and totally undermined the dramatic heft of what was going on. There were also some “wacky races” antics in the podrace that I could have taken or left, but I don’t think they were as egregious.

Overall though, I think this is the version of The Phantom Menace I will use when viewing the saga in preparation for Rise of Skywalker. Highly recommended!