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The Wiggles TV Series 1 Original Broadcast Version Recreation
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5-Jun-2019, 9:10 PM

Hello. Recently, I just got the idea for a recreation of the original broadcast version (OBV) of The Wiggles TV Series 1. All 13 episodes would be shown uncut, and as they originally aired on the Seven Network in Australia.

Now, most of the content from the show that was cut from the DVD release, I think, shouldn’t be too hard to find, but there is one part of content that has been found, but is incomplete and that is the “Kaz the Cat” segments. 12 of the 13 segments have been found via VHS recordings of the OBV of the episodes. Only one of the 13 segments is missing, and that is the segment from Episode 6 - Lilly.

If each of you could find some material that was cut from the DVD release, including all 13 Kaz the Cat segments, then that would be great!

I hope to see this idea become a reality in the future.