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Anyone working on a color correction and regraining of terminator 2 4k mastered?
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4-Jun-2019, 4:09 PM

Great attempt to revive a little rusty thread, I’d be interested as well and could throw the 5.1 “alleged” CDS mix in the AC3 container from the first US DVD onto the pile.

However, since you’re referring to the “detail” of the UHD-release which indirectly is hinted to only require some grain to be added for the theatrical experience, I want to put up the question about that detail in the first place, as exactly some of that very detail of course got lost in the process of the retarded filtering. Not that frequency-response-wise there wouldn’t be more to resolve compared to the former HD-variants, but for me overall it is somewhat a sad and frustrating “pick your poison” - case.

I predict already that True Lies will suffer a similar, silly fate, although I’d love to be proven wrong. I’ll never get how one can be (or become) so ignorant of one own’s formerly great work. But, yeah, the whole world is holding its breath for Avatar 17 … way more important.