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Peter Pan
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Star Wars Episode II: The Approaching Storm (Released)
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3-Jun-2019, 2:02 PM

jarbear said:

As for the droid factory scene mentioned again, just watched it on youtube and I don’t see a way to even trim it to “make it work” it a believable and seamless way. Even if you took out all the 3PO moments, you have some brief shots of R2 at the door by himself that shows no path way or bridge from it … then he somehow gets to the controls later?

It’s too much of a mess. I do know what you mean about the transition with the inserted deleted scene with the “negotiation” scene. Not a strong scene, but it’s the only option.

I tackled the factory scene, by cutting 3PO out. He and R2 are discussing wether they should follow Anakin and Padme or stay on the ship, R2 is leaving, 3PO follows him to the outside trying to convince him to stay, but eventually says that he won’t follow him (I used audio from ANH). The next time we see R2 the door to the factory is already open and he boost his trusters to fly away and save Padme.

By the way, is it just me or symbolize 3PO and R2 Anakin and Padme in a way. R2 originally belonging to the queen and 3PO being built by Anakin, as well as 3PO being gifted with the “force” to speak, but mostly unable to connect with humans on a emotional level, opposed to R2, who is caring and dutiful.

P.S.: Sorry for the Off-Topic and picking your reply apart, jarbear.