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Rewriting the OT-What would you do?
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3-Jun-2019, 1:55 AM
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Since the OT is the source material of Star Wars, I’m assuming you mean a complete Star Wars reboot, and not something in the same vein as prequel rewrites where I’d have to keep them in line with some existing material.

I’ve always liked the idea of a 1800s or pre-WWI 1900s Star Wars with some anachronism. It’s set on one planet, with boats instead of spaceships, real sabers instead of light sabers, Vader is a full-on samurai. Technology and culture haven’t evolved in the same way on this planet as our own, so naval warfare technology is advanced, with WWII-era planes (to keep that dogfighting babey), but other areas of technology are lagging. The Death Star would be the first nuclear weapon this world has seen.

Cybernetics is a bit of a stretch, though, so Vader can’t be a cyborg, and Luke can’t lose a hand. Vader is probably horribly disfigured from self-mutilation, maybe to bring himself more in line with the Dark Side of the Force, maybe that’s just something he does. He wears a mask to cover this up, not to help breathe.

The plot would be like how I, someone who has never read a Marvel comic, think the MCU treats the comics: Some ideas and themes, and maybe the premises of each story are taken, but they’re not super faithful. General arcs of most characters and their characterization would remain the same: Vader is still a bad guy who turns good because of his son, Luke still starts out as a Jedi’s son who wants to be more like his father, only to find out his father is a monster, but then finds out he isn’t and tries to redeem him. Han is still a scumbag who turns good, etc. Maybe some premises would draw inspiration from the actual OT movies, but no story identical to any of them would exist.

I’d think maybe the best format is a series show like Game of Thrones. A normal TV show I feel wouldn’t have enough weight, but it’s sacrilege to make a Star Wars cinematic reboot. Each season should have a defining thing about the plot, Season 1 might be the Death Star season, Season 2 might be the season with XYZ, Season 3 is the ZYX season, etc.

The Death Star would be a looming presence for a significant chunk of the show, if not the whole show, and there would only be one Death Star.

Vader being Luke’s father couldn’t be a twist, so maybe we can exploit that and put subplots of Vader finding out who Luke is in earlier seasons.

The show would be entirely OT-based. There could definitely be flashback or flash forward episodes, but the bulk of the show is with the OT cast of characters. In these flashbacks, the contrast between Anakin and Vader should be as much as possible, and Anakin should be as similar to Luke as possible. Where Vader is a horribly mutilated, disfigured creature, Anakin is a stunningly handsome specimen of a man. He’s uncannily similar to Luke in personality. Any dark side stuff that’s started yet is hidden well. No rage-filled outbursts. He’s also just an all-around cool guy. Someone you’d hate to see fall.

I wouldn’t have Luke and Leia be siblings. Luke could have a sister, maybe named Nellith like what she was in older drafts of Empire and Jedi.