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Help Wanted: 'The Flim-Flam Man' (1967 - directed by Irvin Kershner) - a preservation...
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31-May-2019, 10:14 AM
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25-Jul-2020, 10:52 AM
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Hello all, I’m a long time lurker and new to the community; excited to contribute!

A project that I have been working on and wanted to share/ask for contributions is an 1080p restoration/upscale of “The Flim-Flam Man

If you haven’t seen this movie, directed by Irvin Kershner, you’re missing out.

IMDB Page -

I would like to complete a BD-25 release.


What I have so far is:

The original Playhouse VHS
A low resolution cable broadcast rip (appears to be the same master as Twilight Time Dvd)
Twilight Time DVD rip (800mb not a lot of quality here)
720p Mux from “Mister Flim-Flam” German LD release
A separate 720p rip of “Mister Flim-Flam” LD release with German audio track


What we need:

If someone could come up with the actual 35mm film or broadcast master tapes!!! I will arrange a film scan! This would be the greatest thing of all time

This aired on FXM in 1080p around January 2019. I about pulled my hair out when I was at work to find out that we didn’t DVR it. If only someone had captured it…

Cable broadcast version from early 2000’s. This aired at least once on AMC in standard definition and again around 2010 on AMC in HD.

Satellite/Cable broadcast version early/mid 1990s. (I don’t expect this to be of high quality, but there may be some extra material or scenes)

If anyone has the physical disc of the Twilight Time release it would great to have an uncompressed copy, same goes for the LD.

If anyone has any information about other releases that I have not covered here, that information itself is valuable. I’ve heard rumor there was a limited US LD run, I cannot confirm if that’s true.

There is absolutely a 1080p version of this film somewhere or at least master tapes as it has been broadcast at least twice in HD.

If anyone has any extras that would be fantastic


Current Plan:

The best material I have is the two 720p German LD rips. My plan is to try both a software upscale and two different hardware based upscales to 1080 and see what looks the best. This will probably look awful, but it is worth a shot failing no other source.

I’d like to release some limited extras.

So far:
2014 Video of a review of all the filming locations (check it out on youtube)
Production Stills
Original Theatrical Trailer


I will keep you updated on my progress in putting this together. Please let me know if you have any material or information you can contribute, I really appreciate it!