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Swift S. Lawliet
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Idea: 'Happily Ever After' (1990) - 35mm print opportunity - for sale on ebay...
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31-May-2019, 4:30 AM
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31-May-2019, 4:37 AM
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Swift S. Lawliet
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If you get the full 35mm print, I don’t think a full 4K scan would do wonders to this film, as the animation is pretty low-budget (as is expected from Filmation), even though it’s a gigantic leap from their typical fare.
I think 1080p would suffice.

I was only hoping for at least a LaserDisc rip to surface but a full 35mm print is like a gift from heaven.
Which was I was really hoping for someone to scan it in HD.
All the seeds in torrent sites are down and the YouTube versions are either poor VHS rips or the aforementioned Fox DVD.