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Unusual Sequel Trilogy Radical Redux Ideas Thread
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30-May-2019, 8:19 PM
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1b I do think chewie needs his own shot
1c RemovING the tracking device helps because the whole thing is cheesy and doesn’t pay off. She’s after Kylo not the rebels.
Also helps if you are removing leia death, because then you don’t need Finn to get the ring. And remove a lot of the Finn and rose stuff. This may be more valuable to anyone doing a two in one movie as it cuts a lot of time.
2 good thought on him raising his hand. I wonder if there is a shot of him raising his hand. Luke being caporal and sacrificing himself for the others is a better end and tedeeming.
2b adding rey looking at luke would remind us that she arrived on the shuttle. But It may be problematic to not have her on the falcon because if she saw his death we would either need a reaction from her. Or even better Poe distraction dialogue could get ahead of the fight so they can run.
2c yeah an xwing in the distance I am not in love with. Maybe it is enough to recolor his looking at the xwing to night time so he can look at it right after the falcon Flys away or soon after. A good music cue and you don’t need to see him pull it out.
3a Jeddah was wastelandish but you could just figure it was an ice age caused by the DS blast
4 they usually have to set a tracker in the past. They fly straight to the base it makes sense and calls back to the original.cue On a string indeed!! Scene!! Then the sith follow them. The rebels have found find the tracker and that is why they are evacuating. It we be nice if Leia could say something like they have found us. Or maybe, the first order they’ve found us. Find Luke and bring him back. That explains why Kylo does not track them to Luke.

Also you are right too much coincidence. But I like the idea the falcon blew a hose near Han and that was the Force.

Would like to add an idea of not having a rather escape and when rey does her stuff to close the doors the right ones close, they run. Need a shot of the falcon leaving without the rathtar on it.