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Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends UK Series 1-2 Original Broadcast Version Reconstruction
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29-May-2019, 10:11 PM

Hi. I have seen some Thomas and Friends topics in the category, but there’s one thing I really want to recreate and that is the Original Broadcast Version (OBV) of Series 1-2 of Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends. Now, the OBV of these first two seasons was only broadcast in the UK and therefore, will use the original British narration by the former drummer of the Beatles himself, Ringo Starr.

I’m trying to get all the materials for this recreation. Here are the materials I already have:
-A blank version of the intro (meaning no text on the screen whatsoever)
-The Bevan font (for use in the intro and closing credits)
-UK audio of every episode from Series 1
-The Clearwater and Britt Allcroft Logos from 1984 (Series 1) and 1986 (Series 2)
-Video footage of the nameboard sequences from Series 1 (with one of them I had to recreate myself)

Here are the materials I still need, but will be easy to obtain or make:
-Video footage of the Series 1-2 episodes themselves (meaning without the intro or the closing credits)
-A still of the final shot of every second episode (2, 4, 6, 8, and so on until 52)
-UK audio of every episode from Series 2
-Video footage of the nameboard sequences from Series 2 (probably no recreations here)

Now, I also need to put in the Bevan text, but Filmora didn’t work the way I wanted to with that job, so I need another option.

At last, the hardest material to find, and that is software that can recreate the yellow vertical line split transition in between episodes. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then watch this video:

If anybody knows of a program that can help me with this project, then that would be awesome! Thank you.