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Darth Giacomo
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A radical idea - Naboo being Alderaan...
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28-May-2019, 10:08 PM
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29-Jun-2020, 6:36 PM
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I have a crazy idea: What if we could restore the original idea of Naboo being Alderaan? Padme and Bail Organa would be king and queen (elected so they wouldn’t have to be married which would obviously ruin the whole idea.) So in episode I, Palpatine is the senator from Alderaan and after he’s elected as chancellor, there are no senators to take his place so he allows both Padme and Bail to serve in his place (I dunno. just make it a law he passes for this one exception or something.

Or maybe if a planet can’t find a senator, then the leader(s) of the planet take that role.) Also, the monarchy in Alderaan works as such: there are no terms of office. Once elected, the king and queen stay in power until death or impeachment. In episode II, the assassination attempts could be against both Padme AND Bail because they both oppose the war. (Probably won’t because it would be hard to implement but seeing more of Bail would be amazing. Making new scenes would not be easy, though) In episode III, Padme does not die and goes on to raise Leia with Bail on Alderaan, filling in that plot hole and explaining better why Leia ended up as royalty.

Luke had to go to tatooine because he was stronger in the force so he had to be taken where Vader will never be able to find him. (And as far as Vader knows, even if Padme survived he’d only have one kid.) Palpatine still tells Vader that Padme dies. Since he lost most of his limbs, and thus a lot of his force power, maybe he finds it harder for to sense people, too. Maybe Palpatine also put something in the suit to amplify that effect.

Vader also trusts Palpatine at this point so he would probably just take him for his word like he did in the original. The last and easiest thing would be redubbing any instance of “Naboo” and rewriting the crawl. Maybe we could take this to the Clone Wars as well?

So rambling aside, what do you think?