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Unusual Sequel Trilogy Radical Redux Ideas Thread
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26-May-2019, 10:14 PM

A few ideas I have had I don’t know how workable but whatevz
1 Rose Finn and Rey’s escape
1a for any editor looking to edit rose and Finn out, It would be cool if the shuttle that scrapes through the big ass door was somehow rey. Matte out Finns hands in the crashed shuttle have rey saying dont shoot or something. That would explain how she got off snokes ship also. Because it’s not like the falcon docked with the blowing up ship and picked her up… this isn’t Aliens
1b The above also sets up Chewie alone shooting tie fighters, just have to matt out rey or find a shot of just chewie, zoom in or what have you. Then he finally gets a chance to do something without being a sidekick. Han is gone but he can handle it.

1c the plot does not need the tracking device device. To get where the rebels are is luck rey is going after Kylo the resistance just happened to be there.

2 Better Luke Death - and not lifting rocks…
I will start by saying Lukes death is a massacre, no wait; it’s not, he just has a force heart attack or something pfffhhhh…
He should go out ala obi wan kenobi
And say see you around kid and have Kylo slash and a robe drop. He died saving them it would be sweet. Leave the box moving when he sits on it, leave the atats shoot at him we have seen Vader absorb Hand blaster shots, Kylo freeze a laze blast and it would be like the iconic scene in the Dark Empire comic when He does the same thing.

2b Also if you had rey at the base a doctor shot of her looking at Lukes sacrifice interpolated with poe talking to Finn about it being a distraction would be cool. AND then the walk out of the cave to the melinnium falcon
2c also also maybe a cgi x wing In the distance, Luke pulled the xwing out of the water and used the force or intercepted a distress signal or contacted chewie or something to find them, nor as important how just the point that he is real.

3 Starkiller base
3a. I think it would be a good idea to set up in the crawl or anywhere that Starkiller base is built on Jeddah or however you spell it, that’s where the kyber is, it’s powered by the planet not a stupid star. And it would link to Rouge one in a good way.
3b That being said I dislike the Starkiller base completely, If I ever get a better computer that could handle it I would make a two in one TFA and TLJ that edits the entire thing out, rey is captured Han goes to save her gets killed they leave on the falcon, Finn is never injured
4 Two in one ideas
as for the two in one movie they are just tracking the falcon use the deleted scene of Kylo on the falcon, if he has his helmet on it would be cool to voice over set the device or something to set it up. The problem is that doesn’t set up how they track them after they attack the base. Maybe reuse some DJ stuff to make him out as a spy but there is maybe a better solution.
It may work to once they get to the base Kylo Flys out and when his ties hit the cruel that’s why it’s out of fuel. And also maybe that’s when the tracker gets planted.
That let’s us set up the bomber fleet and all of that as a distract from the evacuation poe says permission to blow stuff up, and then they go do it that happens during the Kylo rey fight

I know what your thinking “Damn, these is some good ideas y’all!”
I hope to discuss them so flame on!