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A New Hope: Vader edition (Released)
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26-May-2019, 5:11 PM
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22-Aug-2020, 11:23 AM
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I’m very close to releasing an updated cut of A New Hope. I started out with Adywan’s version of the movie because I like his the best. Then after seeing sc38 reimagined, I wanted to (Like many people I’m sure) splice parts of that into the movie. I cut the bad CG moments and only used what flowed with the original. I didn’t just “drop” it in.

Then I figured, as long as I’m updating that, I could also splice in some Vader that I cut from Rogue One into this. (Yes, I’m working on an edit for that movie too lol but this isn’t where I plan to talk about what I’m doing there). I also have a slightly updated Death Star Explosion (No not ForceGhostRecon’s, this is different).

So the idea is that I update the movie a bit with some newer footage and a few other cuts that I will post later. I know that this will not be to a purist liking. This is just some fun I thought I would have. I like the Adywam approach of keeping the parts of the updated footage that was less offensive. This edit keeps that spirit. This isn’t a whole new movie like I did with The Last Jedi.

When adding the SC 38 footage, I am working on removing some of the PT dialog that was dubbed in. It’s fine as a stand alone fan piece, but it doesn’t work in the actual movie. So I’m re-scoring parts of it. I need to ask you guys 2 questions.

  1. Where does Vader say “Kenobi”? I only ever hear him say Obi Wan?
  2. Can you guys help me think of a better title lol?

This should be coming your way soon!