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Parent topic animated logo - NOW AVAILABLE for use in fan edits and other projects
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25-May-2019, 9:57 PM
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26-Jun-2019, 5:54 AM
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I’ve created an animated intro logo for use in fan edits. You can watch it here.

There are three variants, all available at this link. Please use this version rather than ripping from YouTube, as YouTube’s compression is awful and the original file is far superior in quality.

  • “Extended” is the full-quality version of the logo posted on YouTube.
  • “Standard” is the 15-second version: effectively the last part of the full version, but transitioning in from a plain star field rather than the Death Star.
  • “Variant” is identical to “Standard” except that it transitions in from black rather than stars, and I’ve omitted the low bass rumble from the soundtrack.
  • Use “Alpha” as a matte to key “Variant” in over a preceding shot — I have it transition from the FE•org logo this way.

I’ve also included a still PNG.

You don’t have to credit me at all if you use it, but if you’d like to, please credit St. Kilda Design (my art and design brand) rather than Roccondil Rínon.


I’m nearing completion on my first fanedit, and I’ve been maintaining a forum thread both here and on FE•org. I know FE has a number of animated “vanity plate” logos that people have made and use for their edits, and while I won’t be using any of theirs I’ve made my own (I had a specific concept in mind, which can then be modified to fit the theme of each movie). However, I haven’t seen any fanedits which use an animated OT•com logo, and I was wondering whether that was because there was a policy against this. If there is, I’m perfectly content to abide by it; on the other hand, if not, I’m very happy to make my animated variant available for all to use on their edits if they wish. (I’ve done a 2D animated mock-up, but the final 3D version will be a bit different, if I get the go-ahead.)