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A New Hope - Reimagined
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15-May-2019, 8:17 PM
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16-Jul-2019, 4:14 AM
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Goal: To spice up/update ANH as much as possible and as seamlessly as possible with clips from Rogue One, Sc.38 Reimagined and new vfx clips… essentially a new special edition.

Preview stills:

This was a project that got bigger and bigger… replacing more and more scenes as the project went on. The release of SC.38 inspired me to make this edit. The problem was, the polished look of the material didn’t really match A New Hope as it was. So basically, I figured if I added more polished fx shots throughout the film, it would all blend much better. So my goal was to upgrade as many fx shots as I could and it turned out to be basically The Special Edition 2.0 and I, personally, think this is a really fun refresh of ANH with some bonus Rogue One footage mixed in 😃 This version will pretty much eliminate the need to watch Rogue One, as the most essential elements of the movie will be incorporated into this edit.

Trailer here:

  • Completely regraded

  • Fox and Lucasfilm logo… “A Long Time Ago…”

  • Soft-opening - Solo-style text intro appears on screen line by line with music building up…


  • 10- minute Battle of Scarif prologue
    Completely recut fast-paced Battle of Scarif scene - totally recut and rebuilt - showing this scene really raises the stakes of the Death Star plans, the Rebellion and the conflict in the galaxy - totally adds depth and tension to the ANH intro when we get to it. The goal is to introduce the Rebellion and show the battle in which they acquired the plans - and seeing the Tantive escape the battle leads perfectly into ANH.

First, we see the Rebels scramble on Yavin to head out to Scarif. Then Radus and the Imperial officers provide us with all the exposition we need to guide us through what’s happening in the battle. Basically, the space fleet are providing cover for the guys on the ground and also trying to take down the shield to receive the transmission from Rebels down on the surface. The climax of the prologue is the destruction of the star destroyers, which subsequently destroys the Imperial shield-generator station and allows the transmission of the plans. We are also introduced to the Death star from afar (appropriate since the battle was all about the Death star). Immediately following, we hear Radus tell all ships to prepare for the jump to hyperspace and we see the Tantive take off and the screen goes blank…

“STAR WARS” intro

ANH starts as usual (we can assume the Empire tracked them and caught up)… BUT…

  • In this version, we have the classic intro to ANH but when the Star Destroyer fires on the Tantive and makes contact, we see the explosion outside and cut to the explosion inside the Tantive as the Rebels scramble. One rebel pulls a lever and shuts down the main reactor, which causes a power failure in the airlock corridor… trapping several rebels. The we see the Tantive taken up into the Star Destroyer… Vader corridor carnage ensues (completely rescored using ANH soundtrack)… the rebels manage to close the door on him. They then prepare for the Stormtroopers to blast the door open. ANH continues per the original…

  • Added subtle Imperial March theme when Vader enters the Tantive corridor after the Stormtroopers blow the door

  • Upgraded vfx on the Falcon in many shots throughout the movie

  • Han shoots first

  • No GGI jabba scene

  • When the falcon leaves Tatooine, we actually SEE the Falcon doing the maneuvers Han talks about. We see the Falcon approach the Star Destroyers as they cut him off and then actually skim and fly over and passed them… while chased by 2 TIE fighters

  • Luke’s saber (blue) is fixed while he trains on the Falcon

  • Add in Sc.38 (in my own way - heavily edited - recut, rescored and inter-woven with ANH clips to ‘soften’ the impact)

  • New vfx shot for falcon vs. TIE fighter

  • New vfx shots for Death Star approach

  • Upgraded a few x-wing and TIE fighter vfx shots in the Death Star attack

  • Upgraded Death Star explosion to make it more dramatic - we can now see recognizable pieces of it after the explosion

Lots of minor changes, score adjustments, sfx enhancements added throughout.



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