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Star Wars Tosche station Restored
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14-May-2019, 6:46 PM

Sky_ said:

Omni said:

What other version would they have? I’m pretty sure the deleted scenes as found on the Bluray are the best quality we’re going to get for a while.

Williarob said:

TN1 does not have a better version of the scenes. Surprisingly, the deleted scenes were not on any of the theatrical prints that were scanned.

I saw The Team Negative 1 of the deleted scenes, even though they was damaged like the ones on Bluray, they were much more Sharper a lot more detail, it was somewhere on these forums, cant remember the link, so I wrote to them and not had a Response, most likely they never saw my messages, that why i need help in getting contact with them… 😦

Williarob is part of TN1.