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The Last Jedi - Clean cut edition
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14-May-2019, 12:22 AM

rocknroll41 said:

ForceGhostRecon said:

i’m considering a v.11 (v.10.2?) adding in Luke’s ‘this is your fight now’ line from the purist edition

Would that make sense for him to say if he’s still alive though?

Well in the ending of the Clean Cut, Luke’s fate is purposely left ambiguous. I feel adding this quote doesn’t necessarily imply his demise, but rather a passing of the torch. Furthermore, we all know he DID die at that point in the saga, and it will be reiterated in Episode 9. So leaving his fate ambiguous satisfies both ideas… as a standalone, he looks like the hero who saved the rebellion and passes the torch when he feels his job is done… and as part of the saga, the added line will provide just enough implication that he has “passed on”…which leads us right into Ep.9 without a WTF moment.