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Lucasfilm's movie plans post Ep. IX
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13-May-2019, 10:38 PM

RogueLeader said:

Some predictions:

We will be seeing tons of articles/YouTube videos talking about how much Rian, Benioff & Weiss’ trilogies will be cinematic failures before they even come out (I personally am a bit skeptical of D&D myself).

Most fans on both sides of the spectrum are going to LOVE The Mandalorian. I think it’ll be so successful Fanvreau and Filoni will be given more future projects. Fans will love these two.

Sorta unrelated, but the new Avatar movies (at the very least Avatar 2) are going to perform exceptionally well at the box office despite some skepticism. General audiences will fall in love with Pandora again like they did in 2009.

I guess the skeptics haven’t seen the long lines the Pandora land Disney in Florida gets.