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Vader in the Solo "hologram scene"
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13-May-2019, 4:42 PM

Lesser said:

Buzz Lightyear said:

I personally prefer the MCU approach of ignoring direct ties to the shows and other supplementary material. If I do a marathon of the MCU with my friends and family, I know it can stand on its own.

Also I don’t see how it’s “what makes Star Wars special”, when the Star Wars movies had no regard for supplementary material before the Disney buyout. Was Star Wars not special back then?

Sorry if I’m interpreting your words wrong but I’m really not trying to start an unrelated argument. I just meant that’s what makes Star Wars special right now for me compared to other franchises I’m invested in. It’s always been special, just differently so now for me personally.

For the thread:

I do have a question about any soundtrack choices you might’ve picked out? Are you looking to mirror the subtle Duel of Fates with a subtle Imperial March?

I have to rework the audio for the whole scene because I’ll be replacing Maul’s dialogue with Vader’s so i have to lay down a backing track anyway… the subtle Vader theme from Rogue One’s Mustafar scene will probably work nicely…